Address: Australia PO Box 7472, Geelong West 3218

Email: michelles@tbcclothing.com.au

Website: www.ouchclothing.com.au

OUCH childrenswear was founded by Donna Schneider in 2003 and has since been developed to design and sell a wide range of premium baby and children’s clothing and accessories. Donna has 23 years of design and production experience with 16 years solely in childrenswear. To begin with Donna started Ouch with a single boys and girlswear collection and with quick success in 2006 a newborn and accessories collection followed. The whole business was born with a desire to be original, distinctive and accessible.


Donnas’ inspiration often begins with a feeling, a vision or a memory.  These are often taken from her frequent travels, love of art, observing everyday sights, fashion of people on the street or most importantly, children, which is evident in every collection. 


Balancing these new and exciting ideas with the basic promise of quality and affordability Ouch remains to have a strong direction with emphasis on individual garment detail, trim and badging, as well as quality fabrics and great washes. Throughout the process, from design to the point of sale, our entire company works hard every day to offer a product with lots of character that reflects Ouch’s idea of fashion.


Donna has worked hard to establish a core group of suppliers who are dedicated to delivering the Ouch product with superior craftsmanship and on time. Ouch currently supplies over 200 boutiques within Australia and New Zealand. 


Launched when there was a much needed niche in the childrenswear market, the Ouch label has filled a void and continues to go from strength to strength. 








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