3RD JUNE 2013

      Are you as excited as we are about this years awards?

      Voting is open from 3.6.13 at 9am AEST to 16.6.13 at 5pm AEST


     Here is all you need to know about voting, which is very little really!

     1. If you would like to be in the running to win your share of over $9,800 in prizes make sure you become a member of Kids
         Fashion Review. To do this CLICK HERE or go to 'About Us' and the 'VIP member Join Up' buttons in the top menu bar. 

     2. To get to our online poll simply click on the link below that says vote here. (This will be visible from 9am 3.6.13) 

     3. Any questions that are required in the survey are marked with a '*' so it will not let you move on if you do not complete these
         questions - but don't worry most questions have a 'Don't Know' option!

     4. Towards the end of the survey you will be asked for your email. Please use the email that you used to sign up as a Kids
         Fashion Review member. This is how we will Identify you and verify you as a member so you are able to win prizes. Please
         note that your email address will not be used for any purpose other than in communication with the relevant sponsor if you
         win a prize. 

     5. Make sure you include the sex and age of your children. The main reason we ask for this is so if you are lucky enough to be
         drawn for a prize, we can make sure your prize is relevant to your family. For the same reason don't forget to tell us if you are

     6. Please be aware that the survey has been set up to limit votes to 1 vote per IP address, So if you click the link below and do not
         complete the survey, the system will remember you and not allow you to re-enter. So only click if you have time to vote
         (estimated time is 6min)


     By using the top tool bar of this page and clicking on the 'Style Awards' tab you can see our nominees,
     sponsors and prizes and more information about the 2013 Kids Fashion Review Style Awards